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Vision: A more connected world with more accomplished and fulfilled lives.

Mission: To maximize human potential.  To help growth-oriented leaders and organizations increase their impact through strategy and leadership advisory.


Hi, I am Yan.

As a former business executive with a passion to help other leaders and organizations maximize their impact, I define myself as a “learner”.

At 22, with a mission to become a bridge between the East and West, I left China and came to the USA for graduate studies. With a burning desire to survive and thrive in a new country, I made up my mind to develop as a well-rounded leader and set an ambitious goal to manage a global business P&L for a big multinational firm by age 40.

In my belief system, the formula for life was “Work extra hard, become successful, then feel happy and fulfilled.”

Reaching this career goal was my #1 focus for nearly 20 years. Nothing came before it.

With much drive and focus, I achieved this goal – precisely at 40!

Instead of finding fulfillment, I felt a sense of void. Much to the shock of my belief system, I learned that fulfillment doesn’t come with a dream job title. There was a deep yearning for something greater – I didn’t know what.  At 40, I hit a professional and personal ceiling that I couldn’t comprehend. I started to challenge my own identity and ask the tough questions of who I am and what I am here to do.

After much reflection, I came to appreciate that simply more and busier “Doing” could only take a leader or a team so far. In order to upshift to an entirely higher gear of performance and to fundamentally increase leadership capacity, we need to look inside and tap into the powerful “Being” part of human potential - who we are, why we are here, what vision do we passionately want to make come true, who do we want to become, and how do we decide to impact the world. The results of a team or an entire organization start with each individual leader.

From there, I connected with a passion to help other leaders realize their potential. Those who are like me, successful and desiring more - more impact in the world and more meaning in their lives.

With this, work is no longer a career to me. It is simply something I must do for others.

On a more personal level, I strive to live mindfully and to serve intentionally. I value simplicity. I appreciate diverse cultures and abstract art (why abstract art?). I love salsa dancing and yoga. I gravitate towards conversations that lead to meaningful human-level connections. I volunteer to help middle and high school students develop leadership skills. I live with my husband and daughter in Cleveland, Ohio and we enjoy international travels. 

About Yan Maschke Group

Yan Maschke Group works with growth-oriented leaders and organizations who want to maximize their impact. 

Client Profile

  • Corporate executives leading P&Ls or functions

  • Business owners with a passion to make a difference in the world

 Value Proposition

·        Helping you lead the business and lead others towards the future

·        Integrating strategy and team execution to deliver real results

·        Driving sustainable change through powerful learning and habit building

Clients engage us to:

  • Facilitate strategic conversations that impact the future of the organization. This includes overarching strategic visioning and planning, and discussions around targeted strategic topics.

  • Improve leadership team performance to accelerate execution of their strategy;

  • Accelerate the growth of key leaders and high-potential talent through 1on1 leadership coaching.

Our Philosophies:

We believe in learning, growth, self-cultivation, and reaching for human potential.

We believe in the concept of integration - both for individual leaders and for teams.

  • Integration of DOING and BEING: To be effective and impactful in the long term, we must know who we are and what matters most to us before getting busy with actions.

  • Integration of WORK and LIFE: Human beings perform far better when they are engaged, and they are far more engaged when they align their professional goals with their life goals.

  • Integration of the HEAD, HEART, and BODY: Being consciously aware of the THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS, and being intentional with the ACTIONS of self and others is the key to high performance of any individual, team, and organization.

We believe in embodiment of sustainable change. We believe in results + fun!

Yan’s Background

Key Learning and Professional Development:

  • Yan’s first week in the U.S. was a crash course on critical thinking. 40+ years of living and working in both China and the U.S. has been the most intense continuing education for her as a critical thinker;

  • At A.T. Kearney, she learned to lead while making others feel they are leading, and she acquired problem solving skills that transcend industries, geographies, and functions;

  • For 12-years at Eaton Corporation, she learned to drive results and manage large-scale change in a dynamic global environment. She had increasing responsibilities in global sourcing, China business start-ups, acquisition integration, global product line management, strategic planning, and acquisitions;

  • Yan managed and grew a $120M global business P&L for Nordson Corporation while developing a strong global team. Yan discovered her passion in bringing out the best in people and teams;

  • Currently, Yan devotes full-time energy to a boutique strategy and leadership advisory practice – Yan Maschke Group.

Education, Certifications, Awards, Etc.:

  • BA: Shaanxi Normal University, Business Administration

  • MA: University of Northern Iowa, International Relations

  • MBA: Michigan State University, Supply Chain Management & Finance

  • Professional Certifications:

  1. PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by ICF (International Coach Federation)

  2. CEC (Certified Executive Coach) by MentorCoach (ICF accredited)

  3. CMC (Certified MentorCoach) by MentorCoach (ICF accredited)

  4. PMP (Project Management Professional) by PMI (Program Management Institute)

  • Award: 2018 President’s Award, International Coach Federation (ICF) Cleveland Chapter

  • Publication: Yan Maschke Leadership Blog

  • Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin)

  • Board Services: Cleveland Institute of Art; International Coach Federation Cleveland Chapter

  • Business Certifications: WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise), WOSB (Women-Owned Small Business)

Summary of Expertise: Strategy | Team Coaching & Facilitation | Executive Coaching | P&L Management |Change Leadership | Acquisition & Integration | Program Management | Global Product Line Management | Business Startup in China | Global Sourcing

Key Accomplishments:

  • Grew a $120M global business P&L by 13% in two years and developed a 50-person team at Nordson

  • Developed growth strategies with global businesses in the Electrical Sector ($13B) at Eaton

  • Integrated two acquisitions ($140M) delivering >$10M in profit at Eaton

  • Built the Global Sourcing program achieving 30% savings on $150M initial annual spend at Eaton

  • Led a business start-up in China from land purchase to construction to production at Eaton

  • Assisted North American and European middle-market companies develop and execute strategies in China at China Centric Associates

  • Working with growth-oriented leaders and organizations to maximize their impact through strategy and leadership advisory


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