The Beauty of Abstract Art - A Practice of Being

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I recently updated my business website as I devote more time and energy to building a strategy and leadership advisory business. A dear friend of mine asked why I chose the specific works of art for the website - from artist Audra Skuodas.

I have always liked abstract art as it doesn’t give the audience a fixed message. The meaning of the piece is up to the reflection and interpretation of the viewer. 

As the recipient of the artistic presentation, I find such richness in that style of communication. It invites a dialogue and it provides the viewers ample space to evolve their learning and imagination over time. One may resonate with a piece of abstract art in different ways at different points of his/her life. In the process of interpreting, appreciating, and making sense of a piece of abstract art, the viewers often learn more about themselves than about the art. 

Abstract art simply creates and holds a space for the audience to see, to resonate with, to make sense of, to be inspired by, and maybe to imagine what’s possible in the viewer’s life. 

There is always more beneath the surface when we see something. There are multiple perspectives to appreciate everything. By nature, the process of learning is dynamic.

Often, we seek answers to the big questions in our lives, we want secrets and short-cuts to our goals. 

It takes reflection and self-examination to know whether we are asking the right questions and to discover meaningful answers. Secrets and short-cuts to a goal that’s not meaningful only provide means to a wrong end. 

While understanding the social-political context of a piece of art and the intent of the artist enriches our understanding of the art, appreciating abstract art is not about finding the perfect answer to the artist’s original intent. To me, the act of appreciating abstract art is the practice of contemplation

Through contemplation, we cultivate “self”, develop powerful awareness, uncover sharp clarity, and connect with undeniable passion, strengths, and conviction to move forward. 

Too often, we human “beings” are too focused on human “doing”. We forget to “be”. 

We can’t cultivate our “being” by more “doing”. We cultivate it by stopping the busy doing

Audra Skuodas has been one of my favorite artists for a long time. Not only I find her work artistically intricate, energetically expansive, and cosmically vibrational, I find her writing to be sensitively poetic.  Her works invite me to contemplate and to just BE

So, Join me, if you are up for a practice.

Pick a piece of abstract art that catches your curiosity. Contemplate

In what way are you resonating or not resonating with this piece of art? You can choose to contemplate the first 2 questions or all 4 questions. Stop at any time. Follow your intuition.

  1. What about this piece that’s intriguing to you? You could think from the perspectives of color, form, balance or composition, texture, lighting, etc.

  2. What thoughts, feelings, and physical sensation does this piece elicit in you?

  3. How may the above reflect on your values, preferences and beliefs?

  4. If there was a learning message from this piece, what might that be?

Please feel free to share what may surface for you.