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I am happy to share my good news in being credentialed as a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by the prestigious ICF (International Coach Federation) and as a CEC (Certified Executive Coach) by ICF accredited MentorCoach!

I am doing my little happy dance and rewarded myself with 3 days of ski and spa!

Looking back in 2017, my top 3 accomplishments are:

1. Joined a fabulous China consulting team as a Partner at China Centric Associates - honoring the purpose of being a bridge between the West and the East;

2. Obtained PCC and CEC certifications (shared above) while supporting coaching clients - honoring the purpose of supporting other leaders be the best they can be (as a bridge between where they are now and where they want to be);

3. Started a Leadership Blog on my new website as a way of giving back and sharing learning and perspective.

What are your top 3 accomplishments in 2017? How will you celebrate?


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