A DJ Who Engaged Me for Life

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I was blown away by a DJ from Pittsburgh last week - Jessica. Not by her music (though her music is great), but by her intention and effort to build connections with others

She sent me a birthday wish by tagging me on a Facebook post about me. 

I have only briefly interacted with Jessica a couple of times during dance events in the past couple of years, no deep conversations. 

Below is her post with me tagged, with a photo of me taken at one of her dance events

“Happy birthday to a fiery, motivated, go-getting woman, Yan! Yan is a businesswoman, a cultural liaison, a learner, a social dancer, and a sassy performer, too. Sugar, spice.... she has it all. Miss Yan, I hope your birthday is fantastic and that this year brings you many happy moments.”

I was shocked by the specificity of the words she used and really impressed by the fact that she took the time to acknowledge someone whom she only knows very casually. 

My guess is that she took the time to read my Facebook profile at a minimum, and possibly some of my postings.

I can confess that I have not read the Facebook profiles of my close friends! 

I couldn’t stop talking about Jessica and how impressed I was with her when driving back from Baltimore with a friend last weekend. Even for the birthdays of my closest friends, I only just send a simple "Happy Birthday!" message.

Subsequently, I learned that Jessica offers birthday wish acknowledgments like this quite consistently with others in the dance community, with similar linguistic specificity and sincerity.

Excellence is a habit.

Wow - Jessica simply blew me away!

I told my driving buddy, “Just for that post, I will always go to Jessica’s events as much as possible to support her.” She has me for life.

I know I have learned a lot from Jessica. I will try to translate that learning into my own actions in connecting with others.

(intentional pause)

My reflection questions for you are:

  • When was the last time you were wowed by someone who tried to connect with you?

  • When was the last time you think you wowed someone that you wanted to connect with?

  • What might Jessica inspire in you?

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