Do You "Have To" or "Want To"?

change language, intention, executive coach, Yan Maschke, Cleveland Ohio

It is only in the recent 25-30 years or so that we have learned that human brains can still change even after we reach adulthood, thanks to modern Neuroscience studies. This phenomenon is called Neuroplasticity

Our brains respond well to languages and images.  The language we use is powerful in influencing our perceptions, beliefs, behaviors, emotions, and hence our reality. 

How often do you hear people say that "I have to do this...”, or "I need to do that...”? 

How often do you yourself think or speak “I have to...” or "I need to...”? To what extent might it such a common practice that it doesn't even catch your attention?

When we feel we “have to" do something, what is your state of being or how do you show up with that thought and with that language? What level of commitment and internal alignment would you have towards the action if you “have to” do it? To what extent would you feel empowered by the action and the possibilities that come with it?

What if it is possible to change our feeling and our underlying commitment by changing our language slightly?

I invite you to play a little game in the next 3 days. 

Catch yourself speaking or thinking “I have to...” and “I need to...” throughout the day. Then change the language and speak or think “I want to...”

You are right, just change one word

Then observe what happens. Observe any differences in your thinking, feeling, and physical sensation as your language shifts. 

You can even observe and catch when others speak the language of “I have to..” or “I need to...”. If you feel comfortable, you could even suggest a wording change to “I want to...” and see what happens. 

Have fun being an experimenter and share your insight with others!