5% More Heart

Heart, passion, reflection

You may be very goal driven. You may work very hard. I am and I do.

I started to learn Argentine Tango a couple of months ago.

Talking to my Tango friend and teacher after practice, I was determined to get much better in the next few months.

“What I know about me is that if I put my mind into something...” I got cut off before I was able to finish the sentence.

No, don’t put your mind into it.”

My confused face. My head tilted to one side.

Put your heart into it.”

I was quiet to process what I heard.

“Dance with your heart. Feel the music. Let the music come through in your dance. You will get better much faster.”

Days later, I am still contemplating.

How can I follow my heart more as I serve professionally and live personally?

Sometimes I find myself being busy because I am used to being busy. A pattern that runs me.

Sometimes I find myself working super hard towards a goal without reflecting on how important that goal is relative to my heart.

I don’t have the answer but I commit to leading my life a bit differently - with 5% more heart.

What do you think?

What practical tips can you offer?