Embody the Power of Universal Energies


Two Universal Energies  

Everything is energy. 

Awareness and cultivation of energy is an ancient Chinese practice.  Awareness and cultivation of oneself is one of the ultimate virtues in Chinese society.

In what is often referenced as the Daoist philosophy, human beings can live at ease and be in flow when we are in harmony with the elements and energies around us.

The two most fundamental and powerful energies on our planet earth are contrasting in nature: the Grounding and the Uplifting - the Yin and Yang of energies. 

Tapping into these universal energies can potentially help us become a better version of ourselves.

Grounding Energy (the Yin)

The grounding energy is gravity. It anchors us. 

The quickest way to tune into this grounding energy is to place our attention on our physical body and our connection with the ground. Grounding the body is the quickest way to anchor our mind. 

Some people practice centering and breathing techniques. You can also simply place attention on your physical sensation - pick any one of the five physical sensations (see, hear, feel, smell, touch) and be curious about it. 

When we harmonize with this energies force, we are in tune with our Being. Who we are. What we are here for. Who and what we care about. How we want to show up in this world. 

This is the Being part of our existence

Uplifting Energy (the Yang)

The uplifting energy comes from the centrifugal force from the rotations of the earth

This is when we rise from our Being and interacts with the outside world. We form thoughts, exhibit emotions, take physical action and speak discrete languages. This is the energy that allows our inner desires, vision, and thoughts to manifest. 

This is the Doing part of our existence.

Personal Example

My dance instructors have drilled into me that a good dancer needs to be both grounded and uplifted at the same time.

Spinning is my ultimate challenge in dance. In order to execute multiple spins gracefully, I need to be highly grounded with my lower body while uplifting my upper body. 

I learn incredible life lessons through my growth as a dancer - how I show up, how I set goals, manage expectations, how I interact with others and the community, how I handle obstacles and fears, how I respond to failures and obstacles, how I pick myself back up and go at it again, how it builds my resilience every week and every day.

Being grounded and uplifted, not just in dancing, affords me the fortitude to pursue my passion, develop my craft, make my highest contributions, and live an authentic life. 

Practice Invitation  

How can we intentionally Invite these powerful universal energies to help us enhance our performance and fulfillment?

  1. Pick a physical activity - it can be your favorite sport or hobby. It can be golf, skiing, basketball, rowing, working out, cooking, gardening, singing, writing, or whatever it is that you choose (please don't pick sleeping).

  2. Engage with this physical activity, and connect with the grounding and the uplifting forces from the universe. Really feel it in your body. Note:  You are not Doing anything extra, you are simply inviting energetic and physical awareness.

  3. Then notice how the awareness of and connection with these two energies impact your engagement with this physical activity - in how well you do and how much you enjoy doing it.

  4. Apply the insight and physical awareness to another part of your work or life. Allow what you have learned to inform you on your uplifted Doing (your language and behaviors) and your grounded Being (Who you are, what you are here for, who and what you care about, and how you want to show up). You may find it helpful to fine-tune the balance between the two - ramp up or down your Doing or Being?

Caution: As you open your physical and intuitive senses and become more in harmony with the natural forces around you, you may risk moving one step towards the true and best version of yourself. 

I wish you joy and humor in this practice!