Thank You Coach!

Yan & Slava Rumba April 2019

Is there something that you really wish you could do but you are scared of?

For a perfectionist like me, venturing out from a social dance like Salsa to performing a solo ballroom dance like Rumba feels as scary as a “life or death” event. 

Looking back on the recent two months of learning and practice that resulted in this solo performance, I can’t help but reflect on my most genuine gratitude towards my dance coach - Slava. 

While our coaching specialties are very different (mine in executive and leadership coaching), experiencing Slava has further strengthened my resolve and commitment to the profession of coaching. 

  • A good coach helps us expand our vision and invites us to imagine what’s possible;

  • A good coach helps us set realistic yet edgy goals and help us design accountability;

  • A good coach truly listens and seeks to understand not only what we do but also who we are and who we want to be;

  • A good coach offers helpful tools and techniques and guides our growth journey;

  • A good coach challenges and pushes us like no one else;

  • A good coach supports us emotionally, cheers with us at our highs and catches us at our lows. 

As a leader of your own life, your family, your team at work, and in your community, your ability to make your highest contributions is significantly dependent on your ability to show up as an effective coach

Reflecting on the bullets above, what are your areas of strengths as a coach and where would you like to further develop

Thank you Slava for inspiring me to explore my potential in dance, and for showing me the power of your coaching!