Courage and Fear

courage, fear, experiential coaching, executive coach, Yan Maschke, cleveland Ohio

Courage is not lack of fear, but action despite fear.

Looking back on the journey of being on an amateur Salsa performance team for the past 3-years, I am grateful that it has allowed me to continuously challenge myself and lean into my fear.

Whom I have become as a dancer has informed me in how I powerfully serve clients. I incorporate dancing as one of the Experiential Coaching venues when working with executive teams in team coaching, individual coaching, and strategy facilitation.

Have you ever feared something in your professional or personal life that you wish you had the courage to try?

Life is short. You have the power to give it a shot. Just make it fun and use some humor - you might even feel like sharing it 3 years later :)

P.S. The Experiential Coaching approach I use is an immersive experience outside of work with a clearly and intentionally defined learning agenda coupled with a highly facilitated coaching process to help clients gain powerful insight through direct experience. Clients call it "powerful", "never seen it before", "a must-try", and "fun". If you want to learn more about this Experiential Coaching approach can help your executive team members (or those of someone you care about) become more effective, please reach out to me to schedule a chat.